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2002 summary

Period:2002-01-01 - 2002-12-28
Longest uptime:340 days
Uptime guaranteed:99.00%
E-NICK.org free hosting uptime guaranteed:n/a
E-NICK.org free hosting uptime(2):about 99.17%
Scheduled maintenances(3):0
Unscheduled maintenances:2 (see bellow)


  1. Uptime is subject of websites visibility thought any of our external interfaces (gateways). Please check network connectivity on our product page.
  2. On our free hosting we do not guarantee ***ANY*** uptime.
  3. Includes only scheduled maintenances that/when the web sites were NON accessible.

Unscheduled maintenances

# From Date To Date Duration Description
1 2002-12-21 0:05 2002-12-21 1:53 01:48 Hardware problems with HDD. Crash-card diagnostics, FS checks and several reboots. No e-mails lost.
2 2002-12-21 5:12 2002-12-22 1:06 19:54 Hardware problems with HDD. All information lost and extracted from back up. No e-mails lost.
Total down time: 21:47  

Bandwith chart during our downtime


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