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The idea is to host as many web sites as you need, to occupy as much disk space as they need, to occupy as many IP addresses as you need, and to use the technologies you need (if we support them).

If have not that much requirements, we will host you on some of the shared servers. As your business grows, we will hire server for you and if there is future needs, we can scale your website or application on several servers. Some of our customers running 100+ server cores.

Find bellow a large description of what we offer you:

Server type UNIX servers (Custom build of Slackware Linux 7.x). Sorry - NO Windows.
Uptime We offer 99% uptime.
Network We have several T1 lines to US backbone, via different providers
Disk space Use as many disk space you need, check package prices.
Monthly bandwidth Use as many bandwidth as you need, check package prices. Extra bandwidth can be prepaid.
Server technologies Stagnantly you may use Perl, Pyton, TCL and PHP3/PHP4. Supported databases are MySQL and PostgreSQL. However, we may install any software upon your request. You will have own SSH account with C/C++ compiler, so you may by your own to install new software you need.
DNS servers and domains You may host as many domain names you want, check package prices. Each domain name can have unlimited mail accounts and unlimited sub domains.
Your own DNS servers You may use our DNS servers, but you may create your own too. This is good, because our information will NOT be shown in whois result of your domain names.
Reverse resolving You may have reverse resolving of your IP addresses with your domain name. This is good, because our information will NOT be shown in reverse-resolving.

All prices are in USD. We accept major credit cards. Wire transfers are available in EURO based on the USD price.

Of course these prices are very general. Contact us, and explain us what you exactly need. We will give you for sure cheaper price than...

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